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Recent Testimonials

"Trucapture changed the way I run my inspection business. I'm getting higher fees, doing more inspections, and saving a ton of paper work time with the automatic tools!"

- Don Harding, Home Inspector

"I can finally see where I'm wasting my time and money on marketing, and where I should double up! I love it. Thank you trucapture!"

- Danny Brown, Home Inspector

"You helped to grow my business from the ground up, and I'm finally competing with the regulars in my city. Thank you!"

- Clint Sudweeks, Home Inspector

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What is TruCapture?

Trucapture is an online service that delivers inspection reports, tracks valuable information, and helps you aggressively market your business. It is a combination of home inspector business tools, home inspector marketing software and home inspection marketing consulting all rolled into one easy-to-use service.  It was developed by Fiz as the exclusive property of a very successful marketing firm.  Over the years, they fine tuned their inspection marketing strategies and online business tools into a unique time saving system that will work to grow the business of any home inspector. 

Trucapture specializes in report uploading and report delivery, as well as tracking financial, marketing and Realtor referral statistics.  In addition, it provides valuable money making tools such as the Pay at Closing tracking system, allowing you to instantly add $30 to every home inspection fee, and the Referral Bonus tool, which allows you to dramatically increase your referral volume by giving clients a comfortable 3rd party option to collect their referral bonuses!  TruCapture also offers elite marketing strategies, and personal marketing consulting every single month!

Why use TruCapture?

Home Inspectors everywhere know that their business will live or die on marketing.  What many do not know is that their marketing efforts will live or die based on how well they track them.  With the Home Inspection Marketing Software and Business Tools, you will not only track the success of each marketing campaign so you’ll know where to concentrate your efforts, but you’ll have information from every important aspect of your business.  Your entire business will take less time to operate, and still produce more important statistical information than you have ever had before. 

TruCapture is a completely unique solution for Home Inspectors who want to grow their business, but don’t have a lot of money or time to invest.  You’ll have access to the exclusive marketing and business strategies used by the most successful home inspectors in the nation.  You’ll also get personal coaching time every month with a professional marketer to discuss your personal business needs, as well as the most valuable strategies for online marketing.     

Sign up for TruCapture today.  You’ll quickly learn all the home inspection marketing strategies you need to grow your business, and you’ll have the home inspection marketing software and business software you need to manage an elite level inspection business!  The best part is, it is absolutely the easiest program you will ever use!  It only takes a few minutes to become comfortable with, and never requires any annoying daily maintenance.  So don’t hesitate.  Get started growing your business today!